What I Stand For

I ground myself in these three principles in my work as a PR professional: to be Always Passionate, Always Personable, and Always Paxton.

Always Passionate

I don’t believe in tackling a challenge unless I am prepared to fully dedicate myself to the cause.  I never settle for giving anything less than my all into accomplishing personal and professional goals.  I commit to causes I care about.

Always Personable

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting to know people.  I strive to connect, engage, and learn the likes and dislikes of my peers.  I place so much value on maintaining these relationships because I know I would be nowhere without the collective effort of my friends, family, classmates, mentors, and colleagues- people drive my spirit and the way I work.

Always Paxton

At the end of the day, we’re only human. As a human I have quirks, I make mistakes, and I am always learning how to get better.  I will never hide any of these “flaws”; I want everyone I know to have a surefire understanding of who I am and what I represent both online and offline.

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