Meet Paxton


Welcome to my website!  I’m Paxton, and I am happy to have this chance to “e-meet” you.

Here are some quick facts to should know about me:

  1. I’m a sister, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, and a friend first.
  2. I’m a recent college graduate, a new public relations professional, a communicator, an entrepreneurial spirit, a writer, a social media strategist, and a leader.
  3. In my spare time, I’m a runner, a singer, a volunteer, a “tweeter,” a hiker, a biker, and a lover of all Mexican restaurants and Eos lip balms.

I wear many hats, but the most important hat I wear is this: above all, I am a dreamer. My mission is to make the impossible happen and to create my own future.

Care to join me?


What I Stand For

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Throughout my professional journey towards becoming a successful social media strategist, I ground myself in these three principles: to be Always Passionate, Always Personable, and Always Paxton.

Always Passionate: I don’t believe in tackling a challenge unless I am prepared to fully dedicate myself to the cause.  I throw my mind, body, and spirit into accomplishing personal and professional goals.  I commit to causes I care about.

Always Personable: There is nothing I enjoy more than getting to know people.  I strive to connect, engage, and learn the likes and dislikes of my peers.  I place so much value on maintaining these relationships because I know I would be nowhere without the collective effort of my friends, family, classmates, mentors, and colleagues- people drive my spirit and the way I work.

Always Paxton: Every social media user is, at their core, a human.  As a human I have quirks, I make mistakes, and I am always learning how to get better.  I will never hide any of these “flaws” on social media.  I want everyone I know to have a surefire understanding of who I am and what I represent both online and offline.

What I’ve Done

Below are some examples of my work from various professional and personal endeavors. Feel free to browse, or take a peek at the latest copy of my resume for a brief overview!

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Where You’ll Find Me


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Long Island-> Delaware -> London -> San Francisco -> Where next?

Regardless, I’d love to speak with you wherever I am!